tiffin tiffin tiffin…….

“yes, i ate but just a little……….”

isn’t it tiring eating the same food again and again . forcing the taste buds to forget how to taste but still eat the same crap. yes, it’s a pretty common issue among us when me and my friends were toddlers but if saying no to all the regular stuff that i eat is being a child then yes, i am a toddler. i remember how fat i used to be(thank god that time took my fat away!) drinking milk and only milk. all i could ever desire was milk. but now feels like the biggest mistake of my life. milk? and me? some things don’t get along like north and south pole, similarly this case is also one. when people or shall i say some up close and personal relatives come together there is a jolt of laughter only because of the incidences which happened in the past. each morning i am reminded of the fact that i loved milk and like i said “loved milk” i mean it in the past tense. time changes everything for instance look at me. a living example. i don’t even like the things i liked a month back and you are reminding me of the things i admired when i was just three years old? i hope you got the point. but when i asked myself what could have been the reasons for such a disastrous change here’s what i got

  1. emotions.  while dealing with hormonal changes can be quite stressful i can actually explain how emotions change from second to second. the swing never stops . now i get the reason why i am so confused before ordering something . 
  2. mom!!!!! let us all accept the fact that from the beginning of the life till it’s universal end we all have our meals scheduled by moms . no matter how much swag you have on but ultimately it’s your mom who keeps you healthy enough to put all of that on. thus we can conclude that it’s never been your choice it’s just you meal which your mother cooks with her ideas.
  3. health:( sometimes you have to give up something for something . same is with the body and burgers. *no one can get both!* it’s one of the critical moments when you have two ways to choose. one is the path leading to great health and fitness with pictures of glowing people and their happy lives and most importantly their long life. on the other hand is a cheesy double patty burger!!!!!!!! i know, i know! you’ll choose the burger . one moment of silence for those who gave up burgers.
  4. last but not the least our FRIENDS  this idea came up to me today while i was on duty at my school and for the first time in history i was eating my lunch alone. completely isolated. suddenly i felt like a brake inside my stomach which said that i can’t eat more. stomach had a full alarm. this time i realized that what i was left with was almost half of the tiffin . the question was that how did it happen? yes, because half of the tiffin is robbed by my besties. sadly the portion i ate wasn’t enough . 

just write, soon you will. …….

Whenever someone is in a vacant or pensive mood all they want is someone to talk to. There have been nights in my life when I was having the most dangerous thoughts ever and not just some nights it happens with me all the time. These thoughts just go and come back without a warning. They seem dangerous to me, now that I have overcome them but they aren’t bad company if we are having the worst nights ever. Here in India we have a saying which translates to “alone mind, evil mind.” As a child I never understood how an alone mind can be dangerous but as I grew up I realised that being alone at night is like the most pathetic experience ever. Apart from the ghostly thoughts like someone behind me or chasing me they are all inside the head. Thoughts one can’t openly talk about. The mind goes as dark as the hue of the room. All out of place. But then some nights are a miracle! It’s like your mind doesn’t wants to match up to the colours of the room instead it has lit up its own candle. Those nights I never feared anything at all. No ghosts! But I felt happy and that was a great thing for me. One fun night I was watching a really inspirational video on Youtube about a famous youtuber’s life. Her life was full of troubles and mishaps and pathetic things one wouldn’t want to come across. She too had a horrible night which changed her. She shared her story and motivated me too. Obviously everyone was inspired but only some of them implement it right? I wondered how many people she just helped. Who think they are alone or whatever but this made me realise that I can also be a helper. Like superwoman! No, no, like helperwoman!!!!! That’s when this idea struck me.  We all want someone to overcome our sad feelings and my way was to write themJ .

That’s why I searched for a perfect reader. One who will read every type of crap I post and even suggest me some ways to improve it rather than just sit at home eating from a bag of chips and commenting rude things. No, it isn’t his fault too. Maybe he also hasn’t found the perfect reader yet. The day he will he will change. Till now i have been taught that nobody is perfect . It is applicable to me too. I am not an award winning writer or something. I am just a 13 year old who is sitting on a couch rite now with her laptop on her lap and a messed up look on her face. Coming back to the point. What I mean is that I have lost some hope of finding a perfect reader but inside my confused mind I get vibes that someone is out there. I asked my mind that when will I ever find him/her? The reply was quite satisfying. Just write, soon you will.

me :)

hello ! howdie, aloha and namaste! i am nandini nautiyal a 13 year old stubborn and emotional writer. i am just 13 and i paint and write . i basically draw portraits and everything else which catches my sight. the same goes with my writings. although i write about the most day-to-day things my imagination seriously needs to be tamed. it was exiting when i used to visit jungles and natural parks, the Jurassic era or some epic places of the world but now that my imagination has taken me everywhere and believe me it gets too scary when your imagination takes you to places similar to hell but scarier when it takes to hell itself!!!!!!! I’ve released two books of my poetry. some poems are also here on my blog which you can see. i hold painting exhibitions in the city’s best cultural and art centers . wordpress gives me a new idea every time i open it and that’s what makes it the best destination for me. wordpress is what all of my work is dedicated to. like everyone i am also seeking recognition and probably some day fame. i know it’s hard competition out there but i have faith in my ideas which i think can secure a position for me here. someday i just want to open up the page 3 and see my interview . believe me , i have also picked up the outfit !!!!!!. i am wild, beastly and then a split second later i’m a lovable doll . it’s hard to tag me but i prefer to call myself bubbly. inspiration is what i have found in everyone and i see everything as it’s source this is what i like about me.

i think i’ll write about any topic. i am versatile. maybe it won’t be perfect but it will be all mine and i’ll be happy about it. i am writing to prove myself and for people to actually see this side of me. like everyone reading this i have huge hopes and aspirations for me and one of them is clicking selfies with huge celebrities whom i read about. like selena gomez, taylor swit, superwoman etc. i am giving people to comment about me and openly act as a genuine critic rather than pointing out on their screen about my mistakes. i’d appreciate that. when i logged into word press i have had this aim to be a successful blogger in a year. i am not giving myself any other option. it is to be done.

so,this is the end of it and here’s ME!!!


there’s never been a time in my life when i haven’t advised anyone. especially when it comes to stupid things but today i have realised how i am not alone in this helping game. we’ve been taught of how one must help others but some people just give the help even when it’s not needed. i am just confused of how the world will end. people will just advice others to run but no, they won’t move an inch. 

i’ve been in nights when i was laying on my bed and thinking about whatever mistakes i’ve made, bad things i did, when i cried , when i got hurt and sometimes i’ve also cried myself to sleep and the thing that i have lernt from all of this is that my heart can dream, imagine, love, get hurt but never satisfy itslef to be happy . for days i stayed with this weight inside my geart which made me stop at distances and even a short mile’s run seemed like hundreds of hours of walk. i stayed quiet and decided that to not speak is to be happy. i roamed alone and thought of it as joy and even cried thinking i will feel better but i didn’t. then i realised that all of this was waste without any advice. i needed advice. no sorrys, no thank yous . what i wanted was someone to look me in the eye and tell me that everything’s alright.  what i learnt from this was that my heart was nothing more but a solution seeker. i am no other than one of those who can be brainwashed with anything. 

as long as it’s not said in a funny tone it’s an advice form me which will save me from the disasters of the world. i am so thankful of people who have made me feel better with their crap than me feeling bad at all. i am not regretting anything but in this selfish world a few people only give you a real story to write upon others are just merely interested in you. 


“some people just feel the rain, others just get wet” 

it’s been raining here since yesterday and i have fully given up on the thought of a little sunshine. in fact i have given up on the thought of anything. so, just to share my feelings with you i am writing this another short article. 

when i am with my friends all i can wish for is some rain but when i am alone here, at my home feeling like a loner all i can wish for is the rain to stop and pack its bags. even though i just don’t go somewhere during the rain or the sunny days …… rain makes me feel bad, like someone is crying . which makes me think about it more and more. whereas for people rain is about romance, fun and dancing i must say i have a different point of view. rain brings a beauty in vain. if rain were a lady i suppose she would have looked like a pretty woman, wearing white. always. she would have a broken heart as wherever she goes, she cries. although that woman is crying but what she does is wonderful! i don’t know if she knows it or not but her tears make crops grow, which gives people meals. the tears make plants grow. the tears give cold, giving relief from the heat. her tears make people dance. people dance , they smile , they play all because of her. i don’t  know what she thinks but if i were her i’d be very happy about my TEARS.

yes,that old white lady

isn’t it weird how we carve for change? well some of us don’t but some selfish people like me obviously do.change is necessary but this made me realize that ………

we had an old white typically 1900s style car. it lasted with us nearly twelve or thirteen years and lately it was nearly in the grave. ready to die any minute . she had those scratches and bumps of what showed my mother’s driving skills. those scars showed her experiences. that old woman would have traveled miles and miles. it was obvious that she was a hatchback model as in this age it must be difficult for her to stand straight. everyday i would look at her and fill myself with disgust. surely i didn’t liked her. the way she had always embarrassed me. it was definite that we both didn’t fancied each other. she has humiliated me in front of my friends but also the people who i don’t even know! whenever we came across any speed breaker she’d make a loud noise enough to scare anyone. she was nothing but a waste for me and if one day she stopped working, i could never wish for more. when she used to drop me to my school. i used to hide my face and go away from her as far as possible . she was a total dishonor but soon my prayers were herd and on a very rainy sunday we welcomed our new steel color car. she was a fancy lady. type of a young girl . she was stylish . i obviously were to feel happy on the farewell of the old white car but actually i wasn’t ! i was kind of sad. like i was going to miss her. really? was i that stupid? i was not suppose to miss someone like her! sadly i did. more than i thought . but the question still remained . for what was i missing her? i thought and thought and after hours here’s what i concluded.

the car however was old but very strong and i think in a way i respected her. for being so adventurous and ambitious despite her condition(which got worst over time) she still preferred to walk around rather than sit all day. she was moody (quite like me!) which was interesting. sometimes she just wanted to relax and not go anywhere but if my mother didn’t thought the same at that time. the poor old car would show tantrums . she was hot quite hot. she didn’t even ran a mile but if you touch her front part you’ll be burnt to death. so, isn’t she suppose to be called hot? ;) mostly she took me to places and helped me through a lot. which actually makes me miss her but however i must say that her new owner wil be mutual towards my old feeling for her.

the path

when i am alone with thoughts that would kill me

when everything’s black and no light to see

when i have to decide whether to wait or go

whether to stand or walk

or to find a way

when i search for roads and i meet dead ends

when i will search for doves for letters to be sent

when i will go on with your memories or to leave them behind

that day i shall know that its my time.

time i can’t stop, time i never held

time which will itself take me to places

where i’d never been

the paths which are unseen.

time will take me to death

time will only lay me on that bed

time will make me do it all.

time will lead me to god.